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ADAM ADAM ADAMU Adam died at the age of 930, making him the third longest living person next to Noah and Methuselah. With such numbers, calculations such as those of Archbishop Ussher would suggest that Adam would have died only about 127 years before the birth of Noah, nine generations after Adam. In other words, Adam's lifespan would have overlapped with that of Noah's father Lamech by at least fifty years. Ussher and a group of theologians and scholars in 1630 performed calculations and created a study that reported the creation of Adam on October 23, 4004 BC at 9:00 am and lived until 3074 BC. According to Genesis, Seth was born when Adam was 130 years old[1] "a son in his likeness and image."[1] The genealogy is repeated at 1 Chronicles 1:13. Genesis 5:45 states that Adam fathered "sons and daughters" before his death, aged 930 years. According to the Bible, Seth lived to the age of 912.[2] 930
SETH SETH SETI SETI Seth was 105 years old when Enos was born[1] (but the Septuagint version gives 205 years[2]), and Seth had further sons and daughters. He was the grandson of Adam and Eve (Genesis 5:6-11; Luke 3:38). According to Seder Olam Rabbah, based on Jewish reckoning, he was born in AM 235. According to the Septuagint, it was in AM 435. 912
ENOSH ENOSH ENSHI ENSHI Enos was the father of Kenan, who was born when Enos was 90 years old[3] (or 190 years, according to the Septuagint). According to the Bible he died at the age of 905. 905
KENAN KENAN KUNIN KUNIN Kenan (also spelled Qenan, Kainan or Cainan) Hebrew: ??????, Modern Keinan, Tiberian Kaynan ; Qn?n) was a Biblical patriarch first mentioned in the Hebrew Bible Book of Genesis as living before the Great Flood. He is also mentioned in the Genealogy of Jesus in Luke 3:36-37. A second, postdiluvian Cainan is mentioned in the Septuagint, the Greek translation of the Book of Genesis, in the Book of Jubilees and in the Genealogy of Jesus in Luke 3. According to Genesis 5:9-14, Kenan was a son of Enosh and a grandson of Seth. Born when Enosh was ninety years old,[1] Kenan fathered Mahalalel when he was seventy.[2] Other sons and daughters were born to Kenan before he died at 910 years of age. According to the Book of Jubilees, Kenan's mother was Noam, wife and sister of Enosh; and Kenan's wife, Mualeleth, was his sister. 910
MAHALALEL MAHALALEL MALALU Mahalalel was a son of Kenan, son of Enos, son of Seth, son of Adam in the Old Testament of the Bible. He was also the father of Jared. He appears in the Book of Genesis 5:12-17, and according to the book, he lived 895 years, placing him eighth in the records for the unusually long lifespans for the antediluvian patriarchs. Later references to Mahalalel include 1 Chronicles 1:1, Jubilees 4:1415 and Gospel of Luke 3:37. Enochs first dream vision in 1 Enoch 83 recounts the dream that Enoch had in the house of Mahalalel his grandfather, and which Mahalalel explains to him. 895
JARED JARED IRID IRID Jared - Enoch went on to marry Edna, according to Jubilees, and the sole named grandchild of Jared is Enoch's son Methuselah, the longest-living human mentioned in the Bible (Genesis 5:18, 5:21, 5:27). Additionally, Jared was a forefather of Noah and his three sons. Additionally, Jared was a forefather of Noah and his three sons. Jared's age was given as 962 years old when he died, making him the second-oldest person mentioned in the Hebrew Bible and the Septuagint. In the Samaritan Pentateuch, his age was 62 at fatherhood and only 847 at death, making Noah the oldest and Jared the seventh-oldest.

And they were in all two hundred; who descended in the days of Jared on the summit of Mount Hermon, and they called it Mount Hermon, because they had sworn and bound themselves by mutual imprecations upon it." The names of the leaders are given as "Samyaza (Shemyazaz), their leader, Araqiel, Rml, Kokabiel, Tamiel, Ramiel, Dnl, Chazaqiel, Baraqiel, Asael, Armaros, Batariel, Bezaliel, Ananiel, Zaqiel, Shamsiel, Satariel, Turiel, Yomiel, Sariel."
ENOCH ENOCH ENKI ENKI Enoch appears in the Book of Genesis of the Pentateuch as the seventh of the ten pre-Deluge Patriarchs. Genesis recounts that each of the pre-Flood Patriarchs lived for several centuries, had a son, lived more centuries, and then died. Enoch is considered by many to be the exception, who is said to 'not see death". (Hebrews 11:5) Furthermore, Genesis 5:2229 states that Enoch lived 365 years which is extremely short in the context of his peers. The brief account of Enoch in Genesis 5 ends with the note that "he [was] not; for God took him". Book of Genesis. D&C 104:24 (CofC) / 107:48-49 (LDS) states that Adam ordained Enoch to the higher priesthood (now called the Melchizedek, after the great high priest) at age 25, that he was 65 when Adam blessed him, and he lived 365 years after that until he was translated, so making him 430 years old when that occurred. Lost Book of Enoch Watchers 1 of 3 Giants Nephilims & Fallen Angels Books of Enoch (AUDIO)

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Mathuselah, Lamech, Enoch 27/27 Appendix
LAMECH LAMECH LUMACH LUMACH Genesis 5:28-31 records that Lamech was 182 years old at the birth of Noah and lived for another 595 years, attaining an age at death of 777 years, five years before the Flood in the Masoretic chronology. 777
NOAH NOAH ZISUDRA ZISUDRA Quran 29:14 states that Noah had been living among the people who he was sent to for 950 years when the flood started. And, indeed, [in times long past] We sent forth Noah unto his people, and he dwelt among them a thousand years bar fifty; and then the floods overwhelmed them while they were still lost in evildoing. GENESIS 6 Noah's ARK Movie 1050
HAM HAM HAM Genesis 5:32 indicates that Noah begat Shem, Ham and Japheth while he was still 500 years old. (Noah was 600 years old at the time of the flood in Genesis 7.) The life of Ham is related in Genesis 9:20-27. Genesis 9:20 And Noah began to be an husbandman, and he planted a vineyard: 21 And he drank of the wine, and was drunken; and he was uncovered within his tent. 22 And Ham, the father of Canaan, saw the nakedness of his father, and told his two brethren without. 23 And Shem and Japheth took a garment, and laid it upon both their shoulders, and went backward, and covered the nakedness of their father; and their faces were backward, and they saw not their fathers nakedness. 24 And Noah awoke from his wine, and knew what his younger son had done unto him. 25 And he said, Cursed be Canaan; a servant of servants shall he be unto his brethren. 26 And he said, Blessed be the LORD God of Shem; and Canaan shall be his servant. 27 God shall enlarge Japheth, and he shall dwell in the tents of Shem; and Canaan shall be his servant. Authorized King James Version
Death[edit] A tomb in Pind Dadan Khan, Pakistan has been claimed by local residents to be the site of Ham's burial since 1891, when Hafiz Sham-us-Din of Gulyana, Gujrat claimed Ham had revealed this to him in a dream. A plaque on the tomb since erected over the 78 foot long grave site states that Ham, locally revered as a prophet, was buried there after living 536 years.[11][12]
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CUSH CUSH Kush, also spelled Cush (/k??, k??/; Biblical: ?????? K), was, according to the Bible, the eldest son of Ham, who was a son of Noah. He was the brother of Mizraim (Egypt), Canaan (land of Canaan), and Phut, and the father of the Biblical character Nimrod mentioned in the "Table of Nations" in the Genesis 10:6 and I Chronicles 1:8. Cush is traditionally considered the eponymous ancestor of the people of the "land of Cush," an ancient territory that is believed to have been located on either side or both sides of the Red Sea. As such, "Cush" is alternately identified in Scripture with the kingdom of Kush, ancient Aethiopia, and/or the Arabian peninsula.[1]
NIMROD NIMROD Ninus (Greek: ) NEMRUTThe HEADS at NEMRUT Genesis 10:8-12:Nimrod/Sargon Connection

ISAAC ISAAC Isaac (/?a?z?k/;[1] Hebrew: ???????, Modern Yitskhak, Tiberian Yi???q, ISO 259-3 Yi?aq, "[he] will laugh"; Ancient Greek: ????? Isaak Arabic: ?????? or ?????[a] ?Is??q) as described in the Hebrew Bible and the Qur'an, was the second son of Abraham, the only son Abraham had with his wife Sarah, and the father of Jacob and Esau. According to the Book of Genesis, Abraham was 100 years old when Isaac was born, and Sarah was past 90. According to the Genesis narrative, Abraham brought Isaac to Mount Moriah, where, at God's command, Abraham built a sacrificial altar to sacrifice Isaac. This event served as a test of Abraham's faith. At the last moment an angel stopped him. Isaac was one of the three patriarchs of the Israelites. Isaac was the only biblical patriarch whose name was not changed, and the only one who did not move out of Canaan. Compared to Abraham and Jacob, the Bible relates fewer incidents of Isaac's life. He died when he was 180 years old, making him the longest-lived of the three. 180
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JESUS MeHeShiYA Mahasiah JESUS ????????? MeHeShiYA Mahasiah - To live in peace with everyone. Governs high science, occult philosophy, theology, the liberal arts. Learns easily, keen for honest pleasures. Influence time and dates 01:21 - 01:40 10th April until the 14th April inclusively MAHASIAH. His attribute is God saviour . He corresponds to the holy name of Teut or Theuth , after the Egyptian language. His ray begins at the 21st degree up to the 25th degree inclusive, corresponding to the third decade and the angel called Seket, under the influence of Venus; he rules over the following five days: 24th March, 4th June, 14th August, 26th October and 6th January. His invocation is performed from 1:20am till 1:40am. One invokes this angel to live in peace with the entire world; - Again, his disciples said: Tell us clearly how they came down from the invisibilities, from the immortal to the world that dies? The perfect Saviour said: Son of Man consented with Sophia, his consort, and revealed a great androgynous light. Its male name is designated 'Saviour, begett

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ESTHER ASHTOROTH ASTARTE ISHTAR ISIS ESTHER A Tale of the Goddess Ishtar Baal (Allah) and Ashtaroth (Easter) in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam ?
SEMERAMIS - SEMERAMIS SEMIRAMIS SEMIRAMIS SEMERAMIS - Ancient history tells an very interesting story about a mother and child which eventually becomes a major motif throughout most world cultures. The mothers name is Semiramis and her childs name was Tammuz. In this article, we will focus on the identity of the mother: Who is Semiramis? According to the historian Eusebius, Semiramis was the wife of Nimrod. In the Sumerian language, her name is Sammur-amat. According to less trustworthy traditions, Semiramis was Noahs granddaughter, and both the mother and wife of Nimrod.According to various legends, Semiramis became pregnant after engaging in an adulterous affair while married to Nimrod. Around this same time, Nimrod dies an violent and untimely death. In an effort to retain power and to hide her misdeeds, Semiramis makes a most audacious claim. She publicly declares that upon Nimrods death he had been resurrected as the god of the Sun. As the Sun god, Nimrod used his sun rays to miraculously inseminate Semiramis with a child. This child was thus considered to be divinely conceived. The childs name was Tammuz, which she claimed was the reincarnated Nimrod. (Thus, Semiramis was both Nimrods wife and mother.) After the scattering that occurs at the Tower of Babel, this story of the miraculous conception of this child disseminated throughout the world and led to the rise of the various birth-death-rebirth cults that are littered through history. These mystery religions of future generations adopted different names for Semiramis and her child, Tammuz.
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THOTH - Hermes Trismegistus - THEUTH - Ancient Greek: ?? ? , "thrice-greatest Hermes"THOTH THOTH THOTH -
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NOTE: from CMDR Gregory M Volz - This is the CONNECTION from the Ancient Atronaut Theory perspective.
- in the Books of ENOCH - the fallen Angels are put in ALSBEJAIL so my thought is that GOD coming down through the dimensions blasted some holes in some rock underground and well, The first section of the book depicts the interaction of the fallen angels with mankind; Smazz compels the other 199 fallen angels to take human wives to "beget us children". "And Semjz, who was their leader, said unto them: 'I fear ye will not indeed agree to do this deed, and I alone shall have to pay the penalty of a great sin.' And they all answered him and said: 'Let us all swear an oath, and all bind ourselves by mutual imprecations not to abandon this plan but to do this thing.'. Then sware they all together and bound themselves by mutual imprecations upon it. And they were in all two hundred; who descended in the days of Jared on the summit of Mount Hermon, and they called it Mount Hermon, because they had sworn and bound themselves by mutual imprecations upon it." The names of the leaders are given as "Samyaza (Shemyazaz), their leader, Araqiel, Rml, Kokabiel, Tamiel, Ramiel, Dnl, Chazaqiel, Baraqiel, Asael, Armaros, Batariel, Bezaliel, Ananiel, Zaqiel, Shamsiel, Satariel, Turiel, Yomiel, Sariel." In Chapter 10 in the Books of Enoch - The one who brings FIRE and is put in the Earth by the LORD. And again the Lord said to Raphael: 'Bind Azazel hand and foot, and cast him into the darkness: and make an opening 5 in the desert, which is in Dudael, and cast him therein. And place upon him rough and jagged rocks, and cover him with darkness, and let him abide there for ever, and cover his face that he may 6,7 not see light.

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